The Multicultural Community Center was legally incorporated to the state of Illinois in October, 2008. MCC was founded by Martha Gonzalez when the Migrant Head Start Program closed in early 2008 in the city of Hoopeston. Migrant families move with their jobs and the old military base in Rantoul, Illinois was housing numerous migrant families.  The need of supporting migrant families and children in the area arise.  Being the executive director of the Multicultural Community Center, Martha immediately took the steps to begin a new program believing in the services of the Migrant and Seasonal Head Start Program to be necessary and invaluable to the families of migrant and seasonal workers. She held the firsts board meetings of MCC in her own house. From there, Martha Gonzalez recruited board members, workers, and volunteers for the center. She also raised the funds and applied for all the grants needed to start the program.

In July 2009, MCC opened their doors for children cero to five years old, effectively providing education and services to the families of migrant farmers. However, they had yet to acquire their own facility and thus had to split the program into two temporary buildings: one in Champaign, the other one in Rantoul. The process in obtaining a permanent rented space for the center was difficult and lengthy. After two years process the city of Rantoul changed the zoning code that allowed having children in the prospective building and Martha Gonzalez was able to license and have their current center in Rantoul approved by the Rantoul village. Furthermore, with numerous renovations and improvements, the building properly complied with the guidelines, regulations and standards of several organizations such as The Department of Children Family Services (DCFS), Illinois Public Health, The Illinois State Fire Marshal, The Migrant and Seasonal Head Start, allowing MCC to start operating at their current location in Rantoul in July 2010.

Since conception, the number of volunteers and workers for the center has more than doubled. Similarly, student enrollment at MCC continues to increase rapidly. And in 2012, MCC has successfully received a grant from the Illinois State Board of Education and incorporated a new program:  Illinois Migrant Education Program so that they can provide education for migrant children ages six to thirteen and  also educational enrichment for youth age up to twenty one years.  

MCC-Rantoul aims to grow and offer additional services for migrant families as well as members of the Rantoul community.  Consequently, each year MCC conducts a community assessment and challenges to meet the needs in the community.  During 2012 the organization incorporated the Child Enrichment Program (after school program) for children ages six to thirteen.  This program serves children from the whole community.   

Since 2012 to present MCC promotes and provides early childhood education serving children from the Rantoul community and surrounded areas.  Our program is open year round from 6:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. to accommodate working parents.