At MCC there are a total of nine classrooms, three per age group: Pre-K, Infant and Toddler, and children age 5-14 in the Child Enrichment Program.

In our classrooms we practice a Project Approach and Creative Curriculum (official names?) where we explore and learn together about the topics our children are engaged in.  An average day could be filled with art projects, language development, reading, writing, homework help, exercise, dance class, golf lessons, and field trips. We are even able to provide the children two meals and two snacks every day. Aside from the time spent in the computer lab, these snacks are the highlights of the day for many of the kids.

Our wonderful kitchen staff cooks with whole foods from scratch and uses an outstanding Head Start dietary plan that holds a high standard of healthy nutrition and balanced recipes for our children.  The Multicultural Community Center is very sensitive to the needs of the children, which is why we also work closely with parents to coordinate what formula to purchase for each infant.

For a typical day at the center, the children will get to work on their homework following a bathroom break when they arrive. Depending on the school the child attends, we either sign in a "Homework Folder" or we initial in an assignment book to indicate the completion or progress of their work. After they finish their homework, the children can choose to participate in numerous games, puzzles, or arts and crafts in the classroom. Next, we take a break and have a healthy snack before going outside for gross motor activities. These activities take place inside in the Multipurpose Room if it is raining.
Our overall approach is to make sure the children are being cared for in a safe, loving, and healthy environment. The children enjoy the attention they receive from the devoted and nurturing Multicultural (as formal adj.?) Staff. At MCC, we constantly strive to create a positive environment where children can learn, grow, and be happy.