At MCC we fulfill the requirements of the Child Care Food Program which complies with the nutrition policy of the Illinois Migrant Head Start Program. We believe that all children have the right to optimum nutrition and access to proper servings of high quality food.

Our program follows the guidelines below:

  • All foods served must promote good nutrition. Children with healthy diets have proven to be active and attentive learners. Specifically, we are careful to select low-sugar, low-salt diet plans to avoid excessive fat. The typical diet contains an excess of salt, so we use powders and other seasonings for our meals.
  • Mealtime is to be used as an opportunity to teach healthy eating habits. We know that parents want the very best for their children and it is therefore important for us to work together as parents and staff to teach children about food and nutrition so that they can make wise and informed decisions on their dietary plans.
  • Our foods support the dental health program in place at the center. We only serve foods that are in agreement with our nutrition education program to avoid tooth decay and unnecessary calories.
  • Furthermore, we provide meals and snacks that allow for children to learn how to serve their own food. It is during this time that they can learn to serve themselves, practice handling their food safely, use proper table manners, socialize and engage with fellow classmates, and also be encouraged to try new foods.

Sample foods:

  • Instead of salads, we serve cherry tomatoes, raw cucumber slices, and raw carrot chips which the children generally prefer.
  • Tacos: corn tortillas, ground beef, cheese, romaine tomatoes, non-fat sour cream, and apple slices.
  • Enchiladas: mozzarella cheese, spinach, tomatoes, and Italian succotash.
  • A favorite breakfast: scrambled eggs, potatoes, whole wheat tortillas, and orange sections.