In the fall of 2012, MCC created a new program that focuses on children from 6 to 13 years old. In conjunction with the School District, this program provides educational and enriching activities to students all year round. It is an after school program with extra curricula activities that enable to children explore artistic and cultural topics.
The program provides a safe place where different languages and cultures can share the same place.
Our program offers:

•    Transportation from the school to the center
     We pick up the children when school is out and bring them to MCC.

•    Transportation from center to your home
     As long as you live in designated areas, we drop off the children starting at 5:30pm.

•    Healthy snacks
     We make them healthy snacks in our kitchen that will keep them happy and energized.

•    Help with homework
     We have designated homework time to ensure that the children both understand and complete their  school work

•    Fun and educational activities
     Learning is a top priority but we still want the children to have fun. We sometimes even have guest speakers come in to teach the children new things.

•    Computer lab
     We have computers that the children can use for homework and if they want to go on fun learning sites.

•    Community Library
     We are developing a new community bilingual library at our center that will give the children access to books in both English and Spanish.

•    Full day care on days when school is out
     We are now offering full day care for Spring Break as well. On these days we pick up the children at 8:00am and drop them off at 5:30pm. We feed them 2 meals and 2 snacks, all healthy and delicious. On these days we also have the opportunity to take the children on field trips for more fun learning experiences. 

•    Full Day Summer Program
     Our summer program will include children from 6 weeks to 14 years old. It will be run similar to the full days during the school year.
To enroll parents need to make an appointment at MCC to start filling out our paperwork. We ask that all families apply for the Child Care Assistance Program first. If eligible for the subsidy, CCRS will determine your copayment. If ineligible, we will determine your fee by using our own income based fee scale.