The MCC provides services for migrant families who come to every year from June to October to Rantoul and the surrounding areas to work in agriculture.

Migrant and seasonal farm workers work in various sectors of our nation’s agriculture industry – from harvesting to sorting to processing and everything in between. The number of children utilizing the services is rising each year. The services are provided not only to children, but the entire families. The migrant program is focused on children from 6 weeks to 12 years old.

Our program is a response to the needs of migrant farm worker families. In most states, local childcare resources are not available when migrants come into a community, especially for infants and toddlers. When resources are not available, parents have no choice but to take their children to the fields where they are exposed to pesticides, hazardous equipment, extreme heat and other health dangers.

The Migrant Program provides child care and a comprehensive services of education, health nutrition, transportation, and social services for children ages birth to twelve years old of farm worker families.


Families must verify that their primary income, during the period of time that the family receives services, is from agricultural work.

How to enroll:

Please contact us at (217)892-4466


Education Services:

We provide learning environments and experiences that enable them to solve problems, initiate activities, explore, question, and gain mastery through learning by doing. We have parent-teacher conferences, allowing parents and our staff the opportunity to jointly develop goals for the children.

Health Services:

With our partner Community Health Partnership of Illinois, we provide a broad range of medical, dental, and health activities to promote physical, social, and emotional growth and development. We offer total health screenings for infants, toddlers, and preschool children. Parent health education teaches migrant and seasonal families how to assess and seek help and care for their children's health.

Mental Health Services:

Our program contracts a mental health professional to participate and provide input and recommendations in the development and implementation of mental health by identifying and treating mental health issues in the family.

Disabilities Services:

Children with disabilities, including severe disabilities, receive comprehensive and individualized services, designed and implemented in partnership with the family and community service providers. 

Family Social Services:

The Migrant Support Program teaches migrant and seasonal families how to find and utilize available local community services and resources enabling them to improve their families' condition and quality of life. The program develops and maintains strong community partnerships to ensure service delivery. 

Parent Involvement:

We offer parents educational, nutritional, medical, dental, mental health, and social services training with concrete experiences to support them in their role as parents. Migrant Support Program accommodate the working schedules of parents by conducting center and parent council meetings in the evening or on weekends. Parent meetings allow parents to be active in the decision making process of our program.

Transportation Services:

Following the State transportation laws and the Department of Children and Family Services, we provide transportation services for migrant children to and from our center located in Rantoul, Illinois.

Nutrition Services

We conduct nutrition education in the classroom and in the home. We serve breakfast, lunch and afternoon snack, family style. All meals meet USDA/Head Start requirements. We contract with professional nutritionist to review nutritional assessment data for each child and make recommendations for correcting children’s nutritional status, as needed.