A community library is characterized by the community participation in library's management, administration and program design. The Project includes community participation through a committee that will play an active role in the complete project development.
The MCC's serves to families with low incomes with unsatisfactory educational, informational and recreational resources.  What are the benefits of a new bilingual library? The creation of a new bilingual community library helps consolidate the literacy process and provides continued education and literacy services. A new program would create a strong tie between the formal and informal educational processes and help identify different cultural interests for new activities at the library. This project will give the community a space to feel free to express and celebrate their cultural diversity.
The MCC opening a new space encouraging the exchange of ideas and celebrate the cultural diversity.  Also the Bilingual Community Library offering to the community an open space where the community can improve their educational development and opening a cultural and informational space where the families find a new way improving their social relations.
The Project includes a Reading Room at the Center, a Mobile Library during the summer and an Adult Education Program open to the community.